The Terror Experiment Blu-ray review

            The Terror Experiment is beyond just being bad. It is nearly so awful, so depraved of every single element of common-sense filmmaking, it almost becomes enjoyable. Almost. Not quite. Instead of making me laugh at the poor production values, the terrible script and the atrocious acting, I was simply cringing through the entire 82 minutes of embarrassment.

            I don’t mean to be cruel. I watch a lot of bad films. I’ve seen so many that I am almost surprised when a movie is actually good, especially in the horror genre. The Terror Experiment doesn’t even qualify as mildly amusing. It is an unoriginal concept with an offensively sloppy execution.

            When a deranged man sets off a biological weapon in a federal building, a group of strangers are forced to stick together in order to survive. This doesn’t work well and eventually they all seem to turn against each other anyway. There are also the victims of the biological weapon, which turns humans into violent zombie-like creatures fueled with pure aggression. The outside of the building is quarantined off and the survivors are forced to fend for themselves within the building.

            There are no special effects are make-up effects within The Terror Experiment which would warrant a high definition presentation. The Blu-ray is an unnecessary upgrade for a film like this. The special features include an audio commentary by executive producer /director George Mendeluk.

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