#NobodyTime Twitter Watch Party Tonight!

Nobody is available On Demand! Let’s watch it together this Saturday using #NobodyTime, hosted by @pattonoswalt. Grab a copy of the film & join me, @mrbobodenkirk and the cast on Twitter Apr. 17 at 6pm PT / 9pm ET!  Join Bob Odenkirk, cast, filmmakers and guest host Patton Oswalt for an evening of kick-ass fun tonight!
Saturday, April 17
Participating talent:
Bob Odenkirk / 
Connie Nielsen / @CNconnienielsen
Director Ilya Naischuller / @naischuller
Stunt Trainer Daniel Bernhardt / @_D_Bernhardt
Host Patton Oswalt / @pattonoswalt
Set Reminder:
@NobodyMovie | #NobodyTime

 Press play at 6:00pm PT on Saturday, April 17 and follow the hashtag #NobodyTime to view real-time conversation on the film.  If you want to join in, tag your Tweet with #NobodyTime

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