I Like Scary Movies: Interactive Art Installation Opens in LA

For many people, scary movies are more than just something to watch near Halloween. As dedicated as the sci-fi and fantasy fans are, I would argue that the true horror fans still win out, which is why it is fitting that Ultra Productions has paired with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to bring a unique horror film experience to Los Angeles. Open now (as of April 4th), The I Love Scary Movies Experience is located on the second floor of The Desmond and will run through June 16th.

I was able to attend a special preview of the exhibit on Tuesday, and had a blast working my way through the numerous photo opportunities. There are a few fun jumps and scares throughout, but it is mostly a colorful and fun immersion into some of the most recognizable horror titles from Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema, including IT, The Shining, Beetlejuice, The Lost Boys, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

The groundbreaking immersive experience allows fans to interact with key components and scenes from these five horror favorites. Come play with the twins of The Shining, visit the infamous Room 237 bathroom, take a picture escaping the snowy window, and there is even a re-imagining of the blood-filled elevator. The Shining seems to have been given extra attention as the oldest of the five films, also including the famous ax-split door for photo opportunities, not to mention an enlarged replication of Danny’s tricycle. 

Fans are able to move on to the far more colorful world of Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. Wander through his graveyard before going into the Netherworld waiting room for a foam pit and several photo opportunities utilizing illusions. Less creepy than the rest, these rooms will provide a colorful break from some of the darker and creepier exhibits.

Speaking of creepy, the installations for A Nightmare on Elm Street have that in excess. Separated from many of the other installments, Freddy’s boiler room throne and over-sized hand are among the most atmospheric. Entering these small rooms is a bit like entering a nightmare, but they also make for great photo opportunities.

IT is clearly the newest of the films included in the lineup, but that does not mean it is given less space in the show. There is a surprisingly beautiful display of many hanging paper boats leading to Pennywise’s lair (including a somewhat unrelated coffin surrounded by various terrifying clowns). There is even a section where you can write down your fears for a souvenir penny featuring Pennywise. The Lost Boys is the last in line, giving fans an opportunity to hang from the bridge before taking a picture with a giant take-out container of worms in the gift shop.

        The I Like Scary Movies experience was brought to life by Maximillian, the experimental artist behind many iconic studio activations over the years. On top of being famous for creating installations for Comic-Con over the last 20 years (including the Snakes on a Plane walkthrough and the Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl shipwreck), Maximillian also recently orchestrated a series of other promotional activations. He was responsible for the La La Land Aerial Dancers at City Hall, the drone lightshow atDodger Stadium for Wonder Woman’s release, and the Hollywood Bowl’s WillyWonka and the Chocolate Factory Live-To-Film performance.

Tickets for the event are $39 and are available now.   

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